We can provide company car and van driver training across Devon, and across the UK with our colleagues at Beyond Driving.

Free (!) Energy Saving Trust Eco-Driving courses:

Tim, who runs Automatic Newton Abbot, is an EST Ecodriving trainer, and leads on fuel efficient driving with national training provider Beyond Driving.

The Energy Saving Trust's Ecodriving course is a short course, taking just under an hour of each driver’s time, and can often be run in your drivers’ vehicles, as long as we are able to record mpg and average speed through the sessions. The evidence for the training’s effectiveness is excellent, which has convinced the Department for Transport to extend the funding through to the end of the financial year in 2017.

We can deliver the Ecodriving course in company cars, vans and 4x4s which come under the driving licence category B (up to 3.5tonnes MAM).

Download the EST Ecodriving Leaflet (pdf)

Subsidised and free Ecodriving courses

The best bit is that depending on where you are, we could deliver this for free, or at a highly subsidised rate!

Contact us to find out whether your drivers are able to capitalise on this nationally recognised scheme.

SAFED for Vans:

The SAFED format was introduced over a decade ago into the LGV sector, then extended into LCVs (vans under 3.5tonnes MAM).

Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving courses for van drivers focus on exactly that – safety first, then fuel efficiency. Covering important and high risk areas such as:

  • Load security
  • Manoeuvring and reversing
  • Urban, multi-lane and rural roads
  • Visibility and vulnerable road users
  • Vehicle stability

Government funded van driver training courses

We now also use the EST Ecodriving format as part of the SAFED course to ensure the most up-to-date methods for improving fuel efficiency, with average improvements of between 5-15%.

The SAFED course can cost as little as £120 for a half day course.

Lantra Awards ATV and 4×4 Training:

With many commercial operators requiring drivers, engineers and key staff to be able to negotiate the road network even in the most extreme conditions, whether they drive off-road or not, we can provide a range of Lantra Awards approved training courses as part of Beyond 4x4.

Lantra 4x4 and ATV training in Devon

From one day familiarisation courses, including on-road and winter awareness, run from your workplace or one of our sites, to comprehensive off-road driver training, including winching and trailer handling courses. Please get in touch for more details.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Familiarisation:

Many companies are seeing the benefit of moving part, or all, of their fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles. These vehicles can be extremely fuel efficient, in the right hands!

We can run short seminars, or in-vehicle training (often subsidised or free under the EST Ecodriving scheme above), in your vehicles – let us know what you need and we’ll tailor the training to your requirements.

B+E Trailer Training in Exeter:

With our colleagues we can provide Trailer Training in Devon, including B+E training for the DVSA test (carried out at Exeter test centre in Marsh Barton).

Prices for B+E training start from £425+VAT/candidate for a two day test course.

Get in touch, to book your professional driver training, or just to enquire about how Automatic Newton Abbot and our colleagues can help you:

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