Keep it simple - go automatic!

Your driving lessons are focussed entirely around you, your learning style and are adapted to make driving simple.

I’m your instructor, Tim, and I am a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), and achieved a grade ‘A’ on my most recent standards check.

Your car has been chosen with ease of driving in mind (not all automatics are equal!). It is not signwritten, and does not have a ‘top-box’ for driving lessons. The only sign to the outside world that you are learning are the mandatory ‘L’ plates front and rear (and, if anyone looks closely, the green ADI badge in the windscreen!). I feel that this removes some of the pressure on you, and removes some of the frustration that other drivers feel when they see an obvious driving school car.

During your sessions, I will take time to make sure that you are comfortable and focussed on your sessions, so that you get the most out of them. Progress is the key! In order to do this, I need a little time to find out about you, and you need some time to find out about me, so:

Your 1st Driving Lesson is Free!

This free 90 minute session allows you to find out a bit more about your instructor, test the car, and enjoy learning. If you bring the money for your next lesson to this free one, you’ll get the great value prices below. If you don’t want to pay in advance, it costs £5 extra per lesson.

Daytime sessions (between 9am and 3pm, paid in advance):

  • 1 hour lesson: £35
  • 90 minute lesson: £44
  • 2 hour lesson: £53

**Evenings and Weekends:

  • 90 minute lesson: £49
  • 2 hour lesson: £60


Beyond your free first session, we don’t do offers, or gimmicks, but if you want to compare, just do the maths – passing in 45 hours with us will be cheaper than taking 60 lessons with someone cheaper.

So get in touch, and book your first, free, automatic driving lesson:

Call or text: 07713 023 324 (you may need to leave a message - I can't answer if I'm driving or teaching!)


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