Sounds like a confession, doesn't it!

I’m Tim, and I run Automatic Newton Abbot and I do all of the driving lessons, as well as answering emails, returning phone messages and responding to texts!

It keeps me busy, but it does mean that I know every customer, and I take great care to make a positive impact with whatever I do, both for my business and for my customers.

I’ve been a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DVSA ADI), for over a decade, providing driver training to a very wide range of clients, from nervous learners, to advanced drivers in specialist vehicles. I understand the business from both sides of the passenger seat and from the driver’s seat, because I spend a lot of time working on my own professional development, which means that I too have to undertake driving tests of all types!

If it helps, my qualifications include:

  • DVSA ADI Grade A (the DVSA require ADIs to be re-assessed every few years and I hold the highest grade)
  • Fleet Registered Driver Trainer (this means that I have passed a series of tests both of my driving ability and of my ability to coach experienced drivers, in order to improve their standard of driving and to provide occupational road risk assessments for their employers)
  • SAFED for Vans Trainer (the Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving scheme is designed to help company van drivers to improve their safety record and reduce their fuel consumption)
  • SAFED for Vans Assessor Trainer (many companies want to be able to assess their own drivers to the SAFED standards, and I work with fleet and H&S teams to provide their assessors with the skills and knowledge required to accurately assess the safety and fuel efficiency of their driving teams)
  • Energy Saving Trust Ecodriving trainer (this is a short 50 minute course format, focussing purely on fuel efficient driving, which also has a side benefit of reducing overall incident rates within fleets)
  • Lantra Awards 4×4 Trainer (many drivers, especially within the emergency services, utilities and construction sectors are required to drive 4×4 vehicles both on-road, in adverse weather conditions, and off-road. The Lantra courses are designed to provide them with an awareness of the increased risks involved, and the knowledge of how and when to use the extra capabilities these vehicles have)

Not only do I enjoy the variety of the work that I have done, but I have enjoyed the challenges that they have presented. The most challenging, and rewarding of these roles however is teaching someone to drive, with the aim of them getting their driving licence – which is why we are here! Being with a customer when that smile appears as the examiner tells them that they have passed is a great priviledge, and I am glad to have helped many people, in manual and automatic cars, as well as B+E trailer combinations and potential driving instructors achieve their goal.

In 2006, I set up Beyond Driving, and I am still an advisor to the team (and occasionally instruct for them, and develop instructors and training courses). I have worked with driver trainers from the police, military, industry and the forestry and agriculture sectors, as well as vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers, health and safety professionals and accrediting bodies.

In 2016 I returned to the front line of driver training, with a passionate belief that people who learn to drive safely, actually want to carry on driving safely throughout their lives. I help my customers to relate the task of driving to their daily lives, enabling them to take responsibility for their driving in the same way that they already take responsibility for their jobs, their children and their own future.

Learning to drive is not always easy, but it can be enjoyable, and incredibly satisfying as new skills are honed and new knowledge put to work. I will do everything I can to help you to become a capable and safe driver.

If there’s anything else you want to know, just get in touch.

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